Spontaneous Brush Strokes Create Storytelling Animals

Using simplified, obvious brushstrokes, Adam S. Doyle naturally paints striking animals, for example, howling wolves, birds in flight, and stoic foxes. Each spellbinding monochromatic subject is composed without introductory arranging or portraying. Rather, the mind blowing painter permits his work to happen normally, advancing from the minute his paintbrush touches downward on his canvas.


With just a totally blank canvas, he has the natural ability to create magical, lifelike images.


Above all, Doyle sees his work of art as a type of narrating, making a point to revive his subjects. As he says in his artist statement, “My work always begins with a love for the magic of creation – the blank surface transformed into a living thing or another world. This act has been with mankind forever and yet never ceases to be awe-inspiring. I always want my marks to be visible, to keep this sense of wonder present. I’m committed to making images that speak truth to power, that provide space to breathe, and that use simple forms to reveal and make accessible the heart of stories.”

Source: My Modern Met, Adam Doyle, Instagram