Stephen Knapp’s Light Paintings; Unique Art Form

My piece of art is called the first unique art in 21th century since this is the first time people know paintings using light.


Not only people who see my work will be amazed by what they behold but I am the one who creates it can still have goose bumps thinking how the medium can yield such remarkable various color lights. We have nothing in our visual memory that paintings can be made out of just light.


The first impression people have about my light painting is that I am just after the color and the beauty of lighting. It is not true. I also include some murky colors such as gray and other variety shades of gray.


Actually I am doing nothing but to challenge our notions about paintings; are they real? Are they just illusion? Do they matter? The heart of my work is eventually how we perceive the world around us.

Source: Bored Panda, Stephen Knapp, Instagram

Lightpaintings01  Lightpaintings03



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