stones-sorting machine does a wonderful job

Sorting out river stones by their age is now not a very complicated job like it used to be. Due to the creative invention of a stones-sorting machine working on research project in an industrial automation field, it is now very much possible to analyze stones in order to determine their age and also their origin.

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The machine uses a platform of 2×4 meter for its stones sorting job.  And the sorting process has 2 steps: started by ordering arbitrary set of stones, then assign the stones into predefined categories. Those categories show the range of stones that can be found in particular river. By defining the inherent history of the river, we can then analyze the stones type and age. Using this machine, the job of analyzing sets of pebbles will be much simpler and easier.

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Because every river has a different structure in rock types, the origin of each stone can be identified and then to be well documented. For example, the stones from Jller river originate from two origins. Some stones come from rocks – the erosions lees in the Alps are carried from smaller rivers. Other stones have been ground and carried by glaciers. As the Alps flats, stones from other geologic periods make it to a river. So, when we can identify the history of a river, we will also be able to identify the geological age of the stones through their types.

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The stones images as well as its location are then processed by a computer vision system in the machine. Each stone can suggest information like dominant color, color composition, histogram of structural features like layers, grains, lines, patterns and surface texture. Then the machine puts the stones in predefined categories. Range of stones can be in certain river which relates much with their age.

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The system proves to be very precise because there are only a limited number of stone types that can be found in a specific river.

Manually, only then the stones are selected and labeled. And that’s the result of classification system.

Source: Bored Panda, Stone Robot, Instagram

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