Street Art Spreads 4,000 Blue Butterflies Throughout the World

Tasha Lewis is a New York-based artist whose idea is to spread her magnetic butterflies to be able to fly around the world. How is it possible? She created 4000 butterflies and sent them to 10 groups of people. Each received a pack which consisted of 400 pcs. In the package she included a notebook requesting what to do with the installation and a medical kit for butterfly repairs.


Lewis started this global street art project so that people around the world will have more concern with the nature especially butterflies. These 4000 magnetic butterflies are split in 10. Since there are 10 groups to receive the sculptures, there will be 400 pieces for each group. The first 10 groups of people receiving her package only have four weeks to travel with the butterflies.


They will have to study her guidance how to install them and place somewhere in their natural environment. And as the installation is set, they should take photos of the swarm. They should also share the installation through media like Twitter or Facebook. And as the four week is up, they then have to pack up the kit and ship them to the next location. The process should repeat 10 times for each package.


So, Lewis really hopes that her butterflies can land in all the five continents in the world because they will travel to 100 different homes. But at least she has to wait for 40 weeks or more for her to capture all the images of those swarms posted and shared in the media.