Street Pillar Made Disappear With Transparent Graffiti

Milane Ramsi is a street muralist who is behind this mind-blowing piece of transparent graffiti which makes a cement pillar disappear. With the 3D letters of his name backwards, people can see a simple concrete pillar.  Ramsi is now working undercover on his next canvas, completing his piece in Carlsbad, Czech Republic in just under a week


Because he posted the image on Reddit, an assumption of how he made his 3D illusion has been running widespread. The creation process he has shared show the buildup of background color to make the special effect. From a single perspective, it seems to work really just fine.


Actually, it has been a long tradition in street painting to play with perspective and optics—think Hans Holbein—with street and graffiti artists being no exception.


To get a great effect in their graffiti, these street artists often use optical illusions for their piece when charged with engaging with the environments and working in public space.