Students’ Drawings on Her Dress, Last Day Special Gift

Chris ShaRee Castlebury, a first grade teacher didn’t mind having her dress drawn by every single student in their last day of school. It  was a priceless memento for her to always remember the good time she had with her students.


For her, that was not just a beautiful keepsake, but it also worked to create a fun and creative communication with her parting students.


Pat Henry Elementary in Lawton, Oklahoma is really lucky to have ShaRee as a teacher. We can’t all have a teacher like her. She seemed she wanted to build a nice and close relationship with her students. She gave every student an opportunity to create a memento on her plain white dress.


This kind of experience leaves a very good memory for her students and it certainly is a creative and the most fun way to end their school year. While at the same time, she got “a new dress” full of kids’ drawings. This will remind her of the wonderful time being together the whole year at school.

Source: Bored PandaShaRee Castlebury, Instagram



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