Stunning Aboriginal Street Site

Matt Adnate is a Melbourne-based artist in Graffiti, Street art and fine art as well. Also as a Muralist, he is heavily influenced by Chiaroscuro of renaissance painters like Caravagio, that’s why he embraces portraiture like the masters of the XXI century. Adnate is maybe the only portrait-painting artist who specializes his portraits using spray paint.


Adnate spent a lot of time traveling and painting the world. He has contributed to the scene through countless street art. And His works are often cropped by evocative slices of vibrant color, channeling a presence of character, much like a still life uses it’s background as a setting for detail and showing of fine brushstrokes.


As an Australian portrait painter, he especially likes to create the faces of women and aborigine that are pushed up on 5 meter high walls by using spray can and acrylic. He has moved past his roots in graffiti, making use of the medium to carry his realist style into the fine art realm.


His portrait painting of an indigenous boy from Melbourne is quite note-worthy and stunning aboriginal street site. Adnate’s realism is highlighted by the use of what appears careless, but is frequently calculated blocks of vibrant color.