Stunning Hyperrealistic Diamond Paintings by Brazilian Artist

Let me tell you more about myself. My name is Helena Rochah. I’m from Brazil. I’m a designer as well as an illustrator. My passion is in art, photography and colors. My piece is that of drawings of diamonds. I believe diamonds have long been associated with jewelry but as for me they have much greater significance than just their economical values.


About my diamonds art work, I use different material textures in my work like colored pens, acrylic paints, colored pencils, pastels and even charcoal. But the thing is I always try to be as faithful as possible respecting the realism of the picture or object. So to make my creations I need some observations of pictures or real objects.


And why I choose on diamonds as jewelry? As you see, jewels are rough stones that have been through numerous processes to turn them into something beautiful and amazing. This I believe gives us a good lesson for us because like a diamond, human can change, evolve, and grow to undergo several changes during our life and no matter how rough the stone is we and our dreams and feelings can surely turn.


The idea of my illustrations is exactly like a process in making a priceless diamond as to evoke both the desire and fascination of people. I hope my illustrations can be close and really represent something that often unattainable for reaching such a high value.