Stunning Lipstick Sculptures By May Sum

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Stunning Lipstick Sculptures By May Sum

May's skillful hands can carve on famous brand lipstick in the cosmetics industry into various celebrity sculptures. Starting from Lady Gaga to Audrey Hepburn.

lipstick in general only functions as a mere make-up tool, it is not in the hands of an artist. The reason, the expertise of Singaporean artists can turn lipstick into something more interesting, for example carving your figure.

An artist May Sum makeup artist, ceramicist, and illustrator uses lipstick as a medium for sculpture engraving. Some well-known brands such as Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) and Estee Lauder have turned into world-famous personalities.

Ever dreamed of having your face enshrined in expensive lipstick? If you want it, you can have it. Because a Singaporean artist can realize that desire.

If some women think long for a lipstick from famous brands like Yves Saint Laurent or Estee Lauder, artist May Sum doesn't think twice before cutting and carving it into a popular fashion icon. Although it is not known what tool she uses in carving. But the results she made were extraordinary, and certainly, you can use a small tool and can make details.

Although May's lipstick sculpture is not an original replica. But the results are almost similar to the actual model. For example, Lady Gaga is easily recognizable by her clear hairdo and large glasses.

While Coco Channel can be distinguished by its distinctive hat and pearl. In addition, May can also carve lipstick sticks into animal shapes for viewing and custom, but her most famous work is the 'strong woman' series. At work, May uses lipstick from famous brands and the price is not cheap. So May's unique sculpture is rather expensive.

As reported by, May Sum often makes various makeup, editorial, and brand events. Some of her collaborative artworks collaborate with fashion and beauty brands such as Disney, Shu Uemura, Chanel, Shiseido, Lane Crawford, LCX, Vivienne Westwood (A Life in Fashion Exhibition), Apivita, vs Sassoon Fancl, YUBZ, 5CM, GROOVISIONS, le Saunder, Dove, Dior, LUCKY BRAND JEANS, Land Crawford, Giffarine, Clinique, Just diamond, Harbout City, Catalog, Jollyshandy, APM, DTC, MegaBox, HKTB.

Interestingly, this dominant red lipstick takes material from dyes derived from natural flower colors. For those of you who want to have lipstick with your own face design, you can also know, Fimelova. The cost you need to make lipstick with your own face carving is worth around 875 USD,

To make carvings from lipstick, this artist will invite you to choose the brand and color of the lipstick and the model to be carved. If you don't like the results later, don't worry. Lipstick that you can still use. So there are no wasted purchases.

Check them out, the following amazing artworks below!

















Source: (h/t ifitshipitshere )

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All Images source: May Sum

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