Stunning Surreal Digital Collages

Alexey Kondakov is an art director from Ukraine. His great skills in manipulating photos make him able to superimpose some subjects from classic paintings by Bourguereau, Caravagio and Hayez with that of modern life. Now you can see his project called 2 Reality depicting those classic work in subway stations or bars in Kiev. Wonderful huh?


Kondakov liberates the sprites, royals, and goddesses from the limits of their unique structures and embeds them into a vastly different world. On account of his awesome photograph control aptitudes, they mix into the cityscape, and it appears like you may see them at whatever point you take the train.


Kondakov thought that things haven’t changed quite a long time. That’s why he wants to share this thought with other people by creating his piece of art. As you can see in his amusing unexpected mashup demonstrating that not quite everything has changed between the times and contemporary culture. He would explain it on Junk Culture, where he went to a museum and saw a painting of friends drinking wine and celebrating.

Source: My Modern Met, Alexey Kondakov, Facebook



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