Stunningly Drawing-like 3D Wire Bird Sculptures

Celia Smith is an artist from the UK. What is so amusing about her creations is that her 3D bird sculptures look just like 2D drawings. It is so true because at first glance, those sculptures’ dynamic contours as well as their gestures resemble the appearance of a natural pen sketch rather than a 3D objects.


For her sculptures, Smith uses wire as a way to create her delicate-yet-energetic bird sculptures. She creases and winds the thin loops into wings, beaks, and flight designs, and by making individual images of bird as well as entire groups. The results look just like two dimensional drawings.


Because her only main inspiration is coming from birds, so she aims her work to capture only birds’ movement and their particular character.


Why she chose using wire is because she found that wire can best have a sense of lightness as well as motion that she needs for her creations, in a way that other materials can’t.