Stunningly Interactive Mural

Caiffa Cosimo is an Italian street artist whose calling name is Cheone. His artwork is an amusing and mischievous optical illusion which cleverly interacts with the surrounding.


One of Cheone’s work that got much public attention is his murals of someone drawn in big size rolling the crosswalk lines onto the pavement. And there is another piece seen doodling on the street, while the other is flipping a can of paint causing the whole paint spilling the street. And also in another scene, the subjects seem to come very much alive and grab the shirt of a passerby.


In his work, Cheone applies both realistic and cartoonish approach. Many of his art work are strongly shaded and can visually pop from the wall as though he inserted himself on the street. But some of his work are done with thick outlines. And his piece featuring the doodling man makes people think he did a self-portrait.

Source: My Modern Met, Caiffa Cosimo, facebook 




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