Suda’s Amazing Hyperrealistic Paintings

Joshua Suda is a portrait painter who is behind these amazingly realistic portraits that it’s hard to believe they’re not photographs. Suda can absolutely nail everything if you pay attention to his creation on its expressiveness of the subject’s eyes as well as its texture of the skin all the way to the subtle interplay of shadow and light on surfaces like hair and clothes.


The meaning of the word “hyperrealism” can truly embody his pieces.


Actually Suda’s great skill for hyperrealism isn’t just limited to the human subject. In many of his works, he can make layers of details create great interest that his piece’s photographic appearance can look even more convincing. In his ripped, scratched black-and-white version, his photographs can reveal human subjects underneath.


Suda’s paintings can look truly incredible because of his talent at recreating the exact textures and lighting conditions plus his brilliant use of color. Just check out his piece, a man’s face emerges from a hole in a piece of paper. And a hand rests upon a faded, sepia photo.