Super Cute and Creepy Dolls

Hi. My name is Oso Polar. I am a Moscow-based doll artist. Actually my real name is Anna Narapenko or Анна Назаренко if spelled in Russian.  I love making dolls and would like to share some of my recent work with you!

I really enjoy making customs and repaints those dolls. I also enjoy taking pictures of them. That’s why if you visit my website, you will find tons of different dolls of my creations.

I am really glad if you could visit my website and browse for my doll collections. These dolls are fully handmade from sculpey clay and mixed materials. Hope you like them!

Recently, I received several messages like ‘i missed that doll, i wish i knew when you are going to sell it’.
so I decided to create a special email account for everyone who’s interested in my dolls. please send me a letter to [email protected] and i’ll be letting you know about all the new dolls that are going to be on sale soon 🙂
thank you ^__^


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