Surreal Animal Tattoos Like Sketchbook Drawings

Otto D’Ambra is a London-based illustrator and tattoo artist whose style is often regarded as an avant-garde mainly featuring hybrid animals mixed with drawings looking just like being taken from boardwalk Empire. Just have a quick look at his tatts to just find out how he could link his printing and tattooing.

Actually Otto D’Ambra was born in Italy, he began his career as a set designer and in due course he became an artist in etching and body art. Eventually he established The White Elephant Studio in London in 2012 as a creative base camp for many artists.

What made his work so distinct is that he could make the usual image jump from printing press to flesh with noticeable ease. While his work seem to stick firmly in the contemporary world, they actually still retain a vintage feel only that they are made to interject the modern textures, objects and patterns.

He really pays attention to details.  And the detailed work of his tattoo can still  strikingly mirror the creation of depth. The interesting thing is to create such depth for his etching, he tried to maintain using black ink.