Surreal Portraits of People I Know

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Surreal Portraits of People I Know

Surreal Portraits of People I Know

Jon Jacobsen is a self-taught photographer who made these surreal portraits of his friends and the people he admires. He entitled his work as People I Know where he uses visual effects, props, and costumes in order to produce this particular series.

Actually in each image, the subject appears according to how he perceives about them. And to give a startling effect to the picture, he featured elements like someone’s hand cloaked in a metal glove holding an armored Pegasus and a crushed plate that doubles as an attractive headpiece. Jacobsen’s piece can well represent people who take on creative job hunts, like an artist, actor, and even an illustrator since he is able to come up with those imaginative compositions.

Not all of his images at People I Know are really hard to make out but some are much easier to decipher. But still, every one of them is wearing symbol to represent each character. We can tell his friend wearing a crown of sticks and hands bound with doll legs is modeled after the iconic image of the film Jesus Christ Superstar, but it is much harder to make out Jacobsen's redheaded friend eating a carrot.

Even though for some of his friend’s photos we may fail to make them out, the personal and heartbreaking depiction of those people can still make interesting photos, It seems that Jacobsen truly has a great reverence for the paths that his subjects want to pursue. That can be seen through his approach on his colors, seriousness and effects that aren't campy or over the top.

Source: My Modern MetJon Jacobsen

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