Surreal Self Portraits in Photo Manipulations

Perhaps you may agree that what Martín De Pasquale does with his Photoshop is very inspirational. Even though we have seen many can do things he does, but there seems to be something interestingly different in his photo creations. May be because we can see some witty, fun and a little mischievous creativity mixed together as shown in his images.


Martín De Pasquale, based in Buenos Aires, is a digital artist who specializes in creating surreal scenes. De Pasquale is a master at photo-manipulation and he has made many fantastical images that look totally believable. It’s no surprise that once his creation has been posted at My Modern Met as this site was impressed by his work before.


In these portraits, Pasquale becomes the main object that’s why it is clear that he doesn’t mind making fun of himself with all the naughty stuff. That involves him to getting his beard “mowed” by a miniaturized twin or getting strangled by his own clothes, and even unscrewing his head just like a light bulb.


These never before done pictures give a complete new (albeit a little twisted) meaning to the self-portrait piece of work.


Martín De Pasquale Behance page
via [Illusion]


Source: My Modern Met, Martín De Pasquale, Facebook, Website