Surrounding with Illustrator and Being Professional

It’s not really hard to describe Irene Saputra aka nengiren (IG) “A woman who likes to dream,” she was replied when describing herself. Beginning with its appearance on Instagram news feed with identical works that is the figure of women who mostly flat expression and looked closely at anyone who saw it, feminine impressed with the decoration of flowers, and a combination of monochrome color and popping colors are sweet decorate a piece of paper white.

Since childhood she really like art stuff about story and doodling while talking by herself. Increasingly time spent on design and she was worked in Concept magazine,Irene met many mentors and inspirational friends, but still not try to drawing. Until 2011 she start with new habits: drawing before going to sleep, and that did it with intense, every day, in sufficient time long.
From that’s situation, she found that drawing is like a process of meditation, like communicating with yourself, listening to yourself, and ultimately this process that leads me to a new world: illustration!
“It’s hard to describe my image style , because I’m never pegged to a particular style or technique. I just do what I want to do, sometimes I never know what to draw, but from the process of ‘getting lost’ that’s what makes his work so. But, many say that my work is sad, and that is the hallmark of my work, haha!” said Irene.

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