Artist Creates Intricate Steampunk Miniatures Of Creatures Out Of Old Watch Parts & They Look Magnificent!

Artist Creates Intricate Steampunk Miniatures Of Creatures Out Of Old Watch Parts & They Look Magnificent!

Sue Beatrice recycles old watch parts and creates tiny works of art that can be collected or even worn as pieces of jewlery as well.

Recycling has been catching up as a trend. The zero-waste life has been touted globally and a lot of people are moving towards living sustainable for the sake of our future. But while most of us find simple ways to recycle our junk, there are others who are taking the recycling fad to a whole new level. Consider the work of Susan Beatrice. This clever artist takes apart old, discarded vintage watch parts and fashions them into intricate and delicate miniatures. 

Beatrice not only creates these magical sculptures out of junk. The artist is also pretty deft at working with sand and paint as well. However, her bespoke steampunk pieces are what catches the attention of people. Check out some of her most incredible pieces here: 

1. Breathing fire


This little dragon may just bite you!

2. Shakespeare's muse


The famous writer looks to be penning his thoughts.

3. Puppy love


What a fitting tribute to man's best friend!

4. A silent library


A haven for bibliophiles. 

5. Quoth the Raven 



6. Jungle love


It isn't just monkey business!

7. The Dragon of Grindly Gurn


A terrifying sight to behold!

8. The sands of time


They tend to keep us busy, like bees. 

9. A guiding hand


This piece of commissioned work is a tribute to a strong father-daughter and grandfather-granddaughter relationship.  

10. Getting Cozy


That armchair looks so inviting.

11. Through the test of time


The subjects walk into the future, hand-in-hand.

12. Through the looking glass


Off with her head!

13. A sweet tribute


The artist created this for the comic artist behind 'Janne's World'.

14. Frankenstein's monster


He's got all the spare parts, all he needs is a huge bolt of lightning. 

15. A love like this


Another piece of commissioned work by the artist. 

16. "We're all mad in here"


Another 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' piece that magically transports you into the book.

17. A piece of home


Encased in a time capsule.

18. Through the lens


A celebration of photography.

19. A feast at the table


For a jolly good time!

20. Bunny Boy


We want this adorable steampunk bunny.

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