Sustainable Bamboo Homes in Bali

If you plan to go to Bali, you should not miss visiting this interesting dwelling place called bamboo house. Such house is fully constructed with bamboos as its main building materials. Bamboo is actually a grass plant with a hard hollow stem. It belongs to a grass family Poaceae which is considered the world fastest growing plant mostly found growing in Asia and Australia. That’s when Elora Hardy and her team could successfully create bamboo homes and made them a new kind of construction design for natural homes.

Actually, Hardy had a quite successful career in the NY fashion scene but her love of nature made her leave the job in the States and started building bamboo homes in Indonesia.
The Bali resident and her team have spent the last 5 years revolutionizing bamboo construction in the belief that it is an underused but ideal renewable resource.
Hardy explains in her TED talk about her inspiration of building the bamboo house. She said that, “As a matter of fact I got the idea from my father, who chose bamboo for all of the buildings on campus, because he saw it as a promise. It’s a promise to the kids. It’s one sustainable material that they will not run out of.”