Sweet Beautiful Melting Glaze Ceramics

Ceramic glaze (Wikipedia) is an impervious layer or coating of a vitreous substance which has been fused to a ceramic body through firing. Glaze can serve to color, decorate or waterproof an item. Glazing renders earthenware vessels suitable for holding liquids, sealing the inherent porosity of unglazed biscuit earthenware. It also gives a tougher surface. Glaze is also used on stoneware and porcelain.

In addition to their functionality, glazes can form a variety of surface finishes, including degrees of glossy or matte finish and color. Glazes may also enhance the underlying design or texture either unmodified or inscribed, carved or painted.
Most pottery produced in recent centuries has been glazed. Tiles are almost always glazed, and modern architectural terracotta is very often glazed architectural terra-cotta. Glazed brick is also common. Domestic sanitary ware is invariably glazed, as are many ceramics used in industry, for example ceramic insulators for overhead power lines.
Philadelphia-based ceramicist Brian Giniewski one of stand out artist using glaze for his craft art works, he creates beautiful melting rainbow-colored pots and vases that appear to be dunked in sugary-sweet icing. He first started making his dripping vessels on weekends while teaching art at university level. After six years, Giniewski turned his passion into a full-time career when he opened his business—together with his wife Krista—in May 2016.
With a goal to make “one of a kind ceramic pots that make people happy”, Giniewski’s distinctive glazing resembles generous coats of icing. The glossy glazes contrast with a gritty, matte underlayer of earthenware clay in a range of colors. From pastel shades, to marbled, and speckled patterns, each piece comes out of the kiln completely unique, due to the oozing nature of the glaze.
After almost one year operating out of a small studio in Port Richmond, Philadelphia, the pair needed a bigger space to facilitate a higher production rate. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Giniewski was able to move into a converted factory building with better equipment and is now working harder than ever at producing his delightful, drippy designs.
You can see more of Giniewski’s work on Instagram, and purchase his colorful creations via his online shop.
Source: My Modern Met

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