Sweet Quiet Illustration Celebrate the Simple, Pleasant Moments of Everyday Life

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Sweet Quiet Illustration Celebrate the Simple, Pleasant Moments of Everyday Life

Although the different Campion styles look textured and with difficulty, the illustrations are actually created using the iPad and Procreate applications. The talented artist starts each part by first sketching a rough composition digitally, complete with any figurative subject. Campion explained, "My character has always been part of the landscape so I see it as an integral part of the structure." He then worked to create lighting in the composition - many gloomy night scenes were lit from street lights or light from windows, while daytime views were warm and vibrant. "Then I started painting from back to front and I thought very much as if I were building a house," Campion said. "I started with the ground, the wall, and built from there."

walk in the rain to wait for the train in the snow, from there there is beauty that can be found even in the most ordinary times, every day. The San Francisco-based illustrator Pascal Campion captured these moments, celebrating the joy of being alive. Every digital illustration is like a precious memory portrait with a loved one, a pet, or just a time of quiet and peace.

The use of Campion colors allows him to capture the atmosphere of the moment he describes perfectly. In one section, titled The Magic in Every day moments, the artist shows how daily life and routines that are portrayed in beautiful colors are simple but represent the natural life and the happiness and calmness of the time they have.

You can see more of Campion's portfolio on Instagram

San Francisco-based illustrator, Pascal Campion, poured magic into everyday moments.

This digital illustration is like a portrait of a precious memory with loved ones, pets, or just moments of calm and peace.

The right color selection from the artist allows it to capture different moods perfectly.

Campion’s work in progress.


Pascal Campion: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

source : https://mymodernmet.com/digital-illustration-pascal-campion/

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