Swimming Sculpture Carved From Piece of Wood

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Swimming Sculpture Carved From Piece of Wood

Are you familiar with ghostly Edgar Allan Poe sculpture in Boston? If you are, Stefanie Rocknak is the sculptor behind that whimsical Poe’s statue. Now, she comes up with another stunning sculpture slightly larger than life-size which she carved from just a single piece of wood to make it into The Swimmer.

Actually The Swimmer is part of a three-piece assignment under the project The Triathlete.  Their siblings are called The Biker and The Runner. The amazing thing about these three pieces of sculptures is that each of them depicts a sense of motion.

How Rocknak shows us the jiffy in time as a swimmer goes up the water for breath is really awesome. Not to mention she can also present the intricate details like the water splashes. And the most amazing part is that the lines in the swimmer’s hand are close to reality. Its likeness can make viewers flabbergasted. What an art.

Rocknak says, "These days, I am not very interested in sculpted figures, or real people, that 'strike a pose.' I am much more intrigued by folks who are on their way to or from somewhere. They seem more genuine to me."

H/T My Modern Met

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