High End Paper Cutting Art in Construction and Details

ujana is one of stand out artist in paper cutting art, her art work totally sharp, neat and clean delivered in detailing, texture and construction is the best part of her art work. In art work business, her passion gave space for expression and spread out the product

Frank Lloyd Wright in Kirigami’s Paperdandy

Paper engineer Marc Hagan-Guirey is the mastermind behind these models, which use the Japanese art of kirigami to produce their soft, ghost-like forms. A variation of origami, kirigami includes elements of both cutting and folding in its designs. The combination of approaches allow for intricate and precise paper structures

Simon Strauss’s Mesmerizing Kirigami

I have been always been fascinated by the intricacy of paper cutting art, specifically kirigami or origamic architecture. Some of the artists that inspire me include Professor Masahiro Chatani, Ingrid Siliakus, and Hary & Deepti. With my background in architecture & product design, I wanted to create something beautiful and also practical, hence the lamp functionality

Maya Lin’s Poetic Minimalist Instalation

Above and Below is an installation by American artist Maya Lin, the designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. It is on display at and owned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art located in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. The artwork was inspired by underground water systems in Indiana.(wikipedia)

Julie Mehretu : Abtract Painting in Architectural Way

Julie Mehretu (born 1970 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) is an artist, best known for her densely layered abstract paintings and prints. She is best known for her large-scale paintings that take the abstract energy, topography, and sensibility of global urban landscapes as a source of inspiration.

Coolest Offices in the World

Many companies around the world begin to believe what can really boost the morale of their employees to work harder and produce better quality work is the features of their offices. They include the design, the space, furniture and equipment. Maybe some offices still remain boring and stifling, but definitely not these coolest and most […]

Breathtaking Photos of Lighthouses

You may wonder how mariners found their way homes from their sea journey in ancient time when there was no computer to help them navigate to cross the ocean. It was the invention of a construction called lighthouse that has been a universal symbol of marine safety and guidance that had helped the mariners since […]

This $95-Million Penthouse is 1,396 Feet Above New York

Recently, a breathtaking condo tower designed by Rafael Vinoly will soon be launched to cater the need of apartment buildings for the New Yorkers. It is located in the center of Manhattan exactly at 432 Park Avenue, New York. Actually, it won’t be until next year that the apartment building can welcome its first resident. So, […]

Mesmerizing Mosque Ceilings of Wonderful Islamic Architecture

If you happen to travel to Iran, make an effort to see these beautiful work of art done to mosque’s ceilings. Actually, Iran is one of some countries known for its extraordinary collection of stunning mosques. There, we can witness mesmerizing Islamic writing as well as Islamic architecture. Just check them out here.

World’s Most Majestic Libraries

Due the influx use of e-book and the audio book around the world, conventional libraries are beginning to lose ground and interest as well to those of modern electronic stuffs. But their existence is still very much in demand for those who seek ample of knowledge that can’t be found any where else.