IT Clown Transformation and Halloween Make Up Trends

Talented body painting artists are inspired by the dramatic, gruesome appearance of Stephen King’s character and have transformed themselves into faithful recreations of it. Depending on their skill and artistic vision, the complexity of their makeup application varies

Cutting-Edge it’s means Imposible Object

“What makes it effective is that there are lines that exist in real life, then lines that I draw that redefine the shape,” she says. She extends these lines out from the physical person, into the background, making it a continuous otherworldly shape. Fluid medium would, therefore, she determined, make a better background, so she began to experiment with submerging her subjects in milk

Body Painting Blends Into Patriotic Landmarks

Trina Merry is a bodypaint artist who keeps continues to wow us with her amazing work , managing to perferctly camouflage her model. Just like in her series of Sweet Land of Liberty, she depicts her subjects right in front of the iconic landmarks. So it’s nothing surprising if then these historic architectural work can […]

Hikaru Cho’s Fabulous Hyperrealistic Body Paintings

Hikaru Cho is a Tokyo-based hyperrealistic body painter who has created that striking body painting series called My Body My Rights. She released her stunning piece before International Woman’s Day as a part of a campaign on sexual and reproductive rights organized by the human right organization Amnesty International. In her exhibition series, Cho tries to […]

Japanese Mind-Bending Optical Illusions

Chooo-San is a Japanese illusionist who has created countless mind-bending illusions on the body. She transforms your skin in incredible ways—all without digital manipulation into something that will blow the minds of those who are looking. What say you?