Surrealism Gave Those Hyper-Realistic Art Work Stories and Soul

Surrealism in Hyper-realistic drawing gives a multi story and interpretation, not just of thought and effort from an artist, re interpretation and imagination. Dry’s photograph-like artwork showcases often-overlooked characteristics like the delicate folds of the skin and the glisten on a single water drop.

Ultra Photograpic Art Work of Emily Copeland

Emily Copeland is a Canadian artist, specializing in realism. Mainly working with charcoal, she focuses on recreating objects on a larger scale. Realism and the act of mimesis are two artistic forms Copeland finds fascinating. She uses digital photography and Photoshop to first generate her images, as photos are always her preliminary approach and stimulus when it comes to creating something original

Realistic Portraits Drawn With Charcoal on Papers

Charcoal.. Not only good to absorb dirt and excessive oil on your skin, it is also a usefull drawing tools, which could create unique end result. The pictures below are actually drew from charcoal, and the small letters on the celebrity portraits are the actual ink of newspaper.