Mesmerizing Animal Jewelry

Hi, there. My name is Ellen Rococo. I am the sculptor behind these artistic animal jewelries. I really hope that my creations can draw you attention. In order to create those ornaments, I needed to gather some materials from various minerals and polymer clay.

Super Cute and Creepy Dolls

Hi. My name is Oso Polar. I am a Moscow-based doll artist. Actually my real name is Anna Narapenko or Анна Назаренко if spelled in Russian.  I love making dolls and would like to share some of my recent work with you!

Famous Movie Directors and Their Iconic Characters

Mike Leavitt is an American visual artist who is a huge movie fan of as well. Recently, Mike created 16 wooden figures which he carved himself in order to honor his favorite movie directors. Only that those sculptures’ shapes seem to be a little peculiar since Mike apparently wanted to merge his famous movie makers with iconic characters […]