Cartoons that Make You Laugh

Toon Hole is really a brilliant cartoonist who is quite active in producing hilarious absurd cartoons. Even if some people think that few of his comics are a bit abstract in ideas, still they can make many people laugh by the end of the story.

What It’s Like to Live with Cats

If you belong to a cat lover, you must like reading these fun comic books. They are written and created by Hannah Hillam a 27 year-old artist who is based in San Francisco. Her comic really fits those who have cats simply because Hillam can really show what life actually is when you have cats.

Hilarious Comics Illustrating Daily Struggles as a Woman

If you like reading comic books, you know that it’s not always its drawing that makes a comic hilarious but it can be its plot of the story or its particular diction used by the characters there. Here we present, Deya Muniz’s work for you to get a bit entertained. Actually, Muniz is a Brazil-based […]

Charming Comic of Dogs

Actually, it’s the collaboration of the two language teachers Landysh and Asia that makes the drawing-duo Lingvistov able to create their series of whimsical illustrations of dogs with their typically annoying but at the same time very endearing habits.