Michelle Reader Created Sculpture and Installation from Scrap Material

“I love the unpredictability of found materials and enjoy the inventiveness necessary to transform them into a sculpture. I like to make work that is interactive and inviting, tactile and colorful. The joy of working with found materials is the unexpected uses that can be found for them. For instance, an umbrella and a bucket combining to form the trumpet of a daffodil, two old oil cans forming the basis of a wind turbine, or the internal workings of an alarm clock becoming a mechanism for a propeller” said Michelle at her site

Maya Lin’s Poetic Minimalist Instalation

Above and Below is an installation by American artist Maya Lin, the designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. It is on display at and owned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art located in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. The artwork was inspired by underground water systems in Indiana.(wikipedia)

25 Idea about Birdnest Sculpture

Every creatures in this world have theirs own territory and comfort zone situation. Birdnest for comfort zone symbolic it’s really common for many artist. Birdnest sculpture in various material, purpose and measure describe much more idea about birdnest value and meaning.

“Art is the Leadership ! said Jonathan Meese

He is painter, sculptor, performance artist and today he common describe his idea use installation art. ” In art everything is possible and allowed. Art is the leadership. Art is Nr.1. Art is chief, art is total power, art is always future. Art has nothing to do with individualism, art is always the law of […]

From Fine Art to Wine Art : Sandro Chia

Sandro Chia was born in Florence in 1946. He has studied at the Istituto d’Arte and then at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence where he graduated in 1969. After graduation, he has travelled extensively in India, Turkey and throughout Europe before settling in Rome in 1970. During the 1970’s he began to exhibit […]

Rooms with Dazzling Kaleidoscopic Installation

Asae Soya is a Japanese artist who can mischievously utilize light and color to make dazzling images that can turn any space into different forms. What made Soya able to do all this is because she has all the skills she needs to set up the installation work.  Using only stark white walls, she can turn […]