Enjoying Universe in The Mug

Artisan Amanda Joy Wells has created a series of galaxy ceramics whose luscious surface design is inspired by the cosmos. Using a mix of glazes, the brilliant, intermingling colors are reminiscent of faraway stars and glowing nebulae. From tea mugs to cups, Wells’ ceramics are a sleek and stylish homage to the Milky Way and will make your cupboard shine like the stars

Amazing Mandala Pattern and Texture on Stone

Lina W has taught herself how to paint these 3D mandala stones in one week. Each one has around 2000 dots on the top of each other. Sometimes it takes as much as 10 layers to achieve the 3D effect. Texture in painting on stone is the look and feel of the canvas. It is based on the paint, and its application, or the addition of materials such as ribbon, metal, wood, lace, leather and sand

Avocado Stone Faces for Celtic Folklore

Irish artisan has been turning avocado pits (or ‘stones,’ as she calls them) into tiny, intricately detailed figurines inspired by Celtic folklore. She carves the tranquil faces of forest spirits, the flowing hair of ancient goddesses, and even a handful of wild mushrooms now and then. The miniatures can be simply displayed as statues, or worn as pendants, and are meant to provide the holder with a unique sense of companionship and comfort

Cedrik Laquiesz make many Creepiets Art Work from Bone and Petal Flower

Flowers and skeletons make one strange combination, but that’s probably what makes Laquieze’s sculptures so intriguing, the contrast between morbidity and beauty. Originally hailing from France, Cedric Laquiez has specialized in using all kinds of dead things for his artworks, from animal and bird skeletons, to dead insects and plants. Head on over to his blog, if you’re into this stuff.(oddity.com)