Patterns and Movements of Nature and Animals

Gill Bustamante is a Sussex based artist who paints large original landscape paintings and seascape paintings in oil on canvas. She said “I take part in exhibitions and events occasionally but find it easier to simply invite people to visit me and see my artworks at my home studio by appointment if they are interested.

Symbolist Painting Today from ‘Tincanfish’ Art Work

‘Tincanfish’ is an artist who did make these painting, the artist using Symbolist genre to describe idea and image of dreams and fantasy.”I allow myself to remember thought processes that I had as a child when everything was more mysterious, unlimited, and often frightening. When a child has the time and freedom to go into their self-constructed worlds, fascinating things come about.”

Paint Induced Photograph

Photorealism is a genre in paintings, which came out in about the same era as conceptual art, Pop Art, and Minimalism, expressing a strong realism interest in art. Amongst many names, Yigal Ozeri was one of the masters of Photorealism.

Oil Paintings of Fantasy Ships

Modestas Malinauskas is a Lithuanian artist who has fantasies about ethereal cracking ships can freely sail  in the ocean. In his paintings, each ship tells a particular story, only that every single one of them belongs to the similar magical fantasy world.