Simon Strauss’s Mesmerizing Kirigami

I have been always been fascinated by the intricacy of paper cutting art, specifically kirigami or origamic architecture. Some of the artists that inspire me include Professor Masahiro Chatani, Ingrid Siliakus, and Hary & Deepti. With my background in architecture & product design, I wanted to create something beautiful and also practical, hence the lamp functionality

Fantastic Origami Animals

These beautiful paper animals are the work of a Madrid-based full time musician Gonzalo Garcia Calvo who happens to have amazing origami skills. He seems to have explored many themes, but it appears that his true passion is animals.

Sheets of Paper Into Impresive Origami Animals

Gonzalo Garcia Calvo is an origami extraordinaire who would meticulously craft expressive and imaginative paper creatures. Check out his creations. Through intricate folding, the Madrid-based artist brings the animal kingdom to life.