Art Socks Make Perfect Gifts

For special events like birthdays, wedding anniversary or new year’s eve, normally people present gifts to their beloved ones. And to find perfect gifts for someone special is usually quite a challenging thing to do. If the person is someone who appreciates arts highly or someone who likes attending various exhibitions enjoying to expose lower […]

Natural Luminous Watercolor Paintings

Dina Lepchenkova is a Russian watercolor and vector artist who can use light and tonal color to create exquisitely delicate paintings. From uncovered trees in the snow to cafes immersed in sunlight, her glowing paintings take snapshots of her neighborhood which for sure evoke the fleeting and sublime beauty of nature. Check out some of her […]

Nail Art Hand-Crafted and Recreated like Famous Paintings

Susi Kenna is a social media expert who became obsessed with intricate nail art. As a talented manicurist, Kenna seems to have big interest in making our fingernails  to become interestingly tiny canvases where she could create stunning visual works. Check out her what a fabulous art she could make out of those fingernails.  

Cherry Blossom Animals

Hi. My name is Calvin T. I am a painter behind these cherry blossoms. Actually, I got inspirations from the nature I live in. If you look at my work, either in my drawing and paintings in the past, and now in my tattoo designs, you may easily find the nature motifs in them. 

Oil Paintings of Fantasy Ships

Modestas Malinauskas is a Lithuanian artist who has fantasies about ethereal cracking ships can freely sail  in the ocean. In his paintings, each ship tells a particular story, only that every single one of them belongs to the similar magical fantasy world.

Delicately Erotic Paintings  

If you check out these paintings, they are raw oil paintings by Hannah Yata. It really seems so moving and emotive. Hannah Yata does not only pull at the heart strings but she also makes her work to look so incredibly juicy and mouthwatering. They are really masterful work of art.

Delicate Feathers for Realistic Animal Portraits

Hi. My name is Krystle Missildine. I’m a Prattville, Alabama based artist. Actually I’m a mom, a wife and a plant lover with a passion for exploring nature. Now I’m doing my art work full time so that I can stay at home the whole day while taking care of my family. I can say […]

Disney Mural In My Daughter’s Room

Hi. My name is Jennifer Treece. I’m a wife, mom and also an artist. I really love fairy tales and love finding spare time to make beautiful things. So, I decided to decorate my daughter’s room with a mural from Disney. Actually I and my daughter love all of the Disney Princesses, especially Rapunzel.   

Halloween-Themed Miniatures

Hi there! Shawnalee Anderton is my name. Well, I’m a nature lover, an artist and a mom at the same time. And about a year ago, I already made a commitment to routinely create daily drawings. And I believe that it’s not only my drawings that should be interesting but its size and title should also […]

Before & After Street Art Transformations

Bored Panda recently just compiled some vibrant public art of spectacular street art pictures. The gallery below can make us imagine what our towns and cities should look like if only we use our imagination to really follow our artistic acts.