Magical Images with Photo Combinations

At first glance, much of his portfolio looks like it’s made up of straightforward photographs, but in fact, this Ukrainian artist Viktoria Solidarnyh just uses Photoshop to create great scenes that simultaneously appear remarkably realistic and straight from a storybook.

When Asking the Wrong Guy for Help

What people would normally do when they want to improve their look in pics, they would resort to Photoshop for photo correction or improvement. When you can do it yourself it will be just fine, but not when you ask this Photoshop wizard James Fridman. If you think asking him would really help you improve […]

Mind-Bending Pics by Erik Johansson

Maybe it’s hard to find someone like this Photoshop master Erik Johannsson who creates optical illusions and photo manipulations. If you would like to see him working on his work, you can check out his videos.  In these awesome behind-the-scenes videos, however, we get to see how he actually creates some of his artwork.

Animal Hybrids in Photoshop

Animal or other creatures can be mashed up nicely and for sure makes fascinating animal hybrid that many will find it not only exotic but also enchanting. That’s true that hybrid creatures that look so strange have always fascinated some society. Say, from the Egyptian griffon to the Persian Manticore, they seem to always make […]

He Turned His 6-Year-Old Son’s Doodles Into Real-Life Objects

Almost every child in the world would do some doodling as soon as they are introduced to writing tools. But no father would love to keep his children’s doodling as valuable treasures except this special father. Tom Curtis tries to put his 6-year-old son to take shape in real life creations. Just check them out.