Linocut Printmaking’s from Freelance Animator

For many years, art director and illustrator Viktoria Åström has worked extensively as a freelance animator, but as she proves, it never hurts to have a creative side hustle. Going from the digital screen to analog art, Åström has returned to her roots as someone who has always loved to draw and paint. By carving rubber, she produces portraits inspired by nature, including woodland creatures, ocean inhabitants, and our feathered friends

Kollwitz Hand’s Representation such a Deep Expresion and Meaning

Käthe Kollwitz offers us an excellent example of how a bones structure, muscle flesh with old skin lady representation of oneself can overflow with expression and meaning. Her expression about misery and poor its felt deeply sorrow.  It is believed Kollwitz suffered anxiety during her childhood due to the death of her siblings, including the […]