Sustainable Art Sculptures of Peasant Heritage

One of great event in International sculptures festival is Wara Festival at Japan. The festival’s organizers are celebrating the occasion by making the already immense sculptures twice as big! The sculptures are so huge they need special wooden frames for greater stability

Lego for Making Fun, and Play Sculpture

Sculptor Sean Kenney started playing with LEGOs as a kid and has developed a highly impressive collection since then. Now, he’s one of 11 LEGO Certified Professionals who creates modern sculptures for a living. “I just chuckle at the age recommendations printed on the LEGO boxes as I tear them open,” the artist told TOPIC. “I remember when I was very little, I took fear when I heard the Toys ‘R’ Us jingle, ‘I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys ‘R’ Us kid,’ because it made me realize that some day I’d grow up and never like toys. Fortunately for me, it never happened.”

Dragon of Estonian

The oldest chainsaw artist records go back to the 1950s, which include artists Ray Murphy and Ken Kaiser. In 1952 Ray Murphy used his father’s chainsaw to carve his name into a piece of wood. In 1961 Ken Kaiser created 50 carvings for the Trees of Mystery.

Land Art : The Subtance of Temporary

“I love the idea of temporary art because all things in life are temporary. I grew up on the beach where I lived during the summer. I have always been drawing on the beach using materials I found at the there. 6 years ago I started using a rake. This way I could make the drawings much bigger. Because they became so big I wanted to see the result from above

Geometric Fiber Art in Organic Pattern

Agnes Herczeg was born in Hungary and graduated from Textile Conservation, her style and taste base from a traditional, ethnic, and organic pattern. The warm color of natural fiber combined with green lace, every detailed of embroidery base with geometric pattern contrast with the organic form of the wood stick

Rope for Making Rare Art Work

Using unraveled rope as a sculptural medium, Janaina Mello Landini creates intricate art inspired by branches. Cleverly titled Ciclotramas—a combination of the words “cycle” and trama, a Latin weaving term—the series of rope installations transforms an ordinary and overlooked material into an eye-catching artistic tool

Human Fragility Captured by Artist Through Fractured Sculptures

Johannesburg-based artist Regardt van der Meulen continues to explore and exhibit the inherent fragility of the human body through steel sculptures in a series titled Deconstructed. Much like his past pieces that appear to drip and unravel, his latest collection of fractured forms presents a haunting yet beautiful look at mortality.

“Art is the Leadership ! said Jonathan Meese

He is painter, sculptor, performance artist and today he common describe his idea use installation art. ” In art everything is possible and allowed. Art is the leadership. Art is Nr.1. Art is chief, art is total power, art is always future. Art has nothing to do with individualism, art is always the law of […]

Elegant Ceramic Vessels

Greg Payce’s is a Canadian ceramicist who created an alluring arrangement of sculptures called Alumina. It’s this wonderful scene where seven ornate vases stand queuing on a concrete platform. Maybe it would take an observant eye and you really have to read between the line in order to appreciate Payce’s mesmerizing art, especially when looking […]

Rolls of Newspaper into Realistic Animals

Chie Hitotsuyama is a Japanese artist behind those amazing paper sculptures. And to make it more amazing is that those sculptures are made out of newspaper. It’s so true that in Chie’s hand, the newspapers which normally serve as news media, they now have a whole different purpose.