Talented Body Painter Showcases The Divine Relation Between Humans And Nature

Talented Body Painter Showcases The Divine Relation Between Humans And Nature

Renowned body painter, Vilija Vitkute's art speaks about human and nature relationships, its spirit, colorfulness, and emotions. She finds inspiration in the surrealism of nature.

The youthful craftsman Vilija Vitkute found her self as a genuine artist through bodypainting in her 20s when she first made an ancestral, nature individuals related arrangement called "Other Species" which changed her life totally.  She began these arrangements in Sweden, Dalarna, in a little town called Ulvshyttan. She originally painted herself, then her companions and neighbors, which eventually prompted her venture to come true. Her artworks talk about associations with ourselves, to one another, and particularly to nature, that has been disjointed and stifled by current life. Her venture is about present-day individuals returning to nature and beginning 'seeing through the native eyes'. Understanding the 'dialect of nature'. Here are some of her best artworks from her highly impressive portfolio: 

1. Yellow yearning 


2. Behind blue eyes 


3. Enigmatic eyes 


4. Comfortably numb 


5. Purple pleasure 


6. Right in two 


7. Vicarious 


8. Schism 


9. Child's play 


10. Eternal fire 

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11. Desolation 


12. Fade into the wind 


13. Reflection of I 


14. Beauty in dissonance 


15. Colorful explosion 


16. Quintessentially quiet 


17. Trinity 


18. White magnificence 


19. Camouflaging comfort 


20. Solitary solace


21. Raging beauty 


22. Into the blue


23. Unity in diversity 


24. "Reflections of Africa"


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