Tattoos That Reveal All Their Glory When Only You Extend Your Legs Or Arms

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Tattoos That Reveal All Their Glory When Only You Extend Your Legs Or Arms

Have a look...Tattoo artist Vek Van Hillik is one of these illusionists and uses folds of people's limbs to hide parts of cool tattoo designs. This allows the unique design to appear as a subject when the limbs are bent and then turn into a different picture when the arms or legs are stretched. Designing free body art is very important for these hidden images so artists can change things as they go for more accurate illusions.

The most famous optical illusion of 'Rabbit-Duck' originated in 1892, but modern tattoo artists have found their own unique way to fool your eyeballs - the idea of ​​a two-in-one tattoo. Through strategic placement, each tattoo design comes alive and changes with the client's body movements.

Scroll down below to see some mindbending unique tattoo art!

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This beetle tattoo placed on the elbow of this woman might look different

Image credits: menacetattoo

But what's even cooler is what happens when arms are stretched

Tattoo style creates an image that more than meets the eye

the artists known for these designs is French tattooer Vek Van Hillik

Image credits: veksvanhilliktattoo

He created the tattoo by placing it strategically in the folds of his clients' limbs

he draws freehand to give provide flexibility and accuracy

Van Hillik chose symmetrical subjects for optimal transformation

His insect tattoos are created to take flight

Image credits: veksvanhilliktattoo

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