20+ Dark Illustrations On Modern 'Adult Life' That Are Terribly True!

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20+ Dark Illustrations On Modern 'Adult Life' That Are Terribly True!

Our life is vastly affected by technology and it has it's own downsides. Here are a few illustrated versions.

Technology has made our lives easier beyond measure and this fact cannot be denied. While providing us with several benefits in various facets of life, it has also made everything a little too easy for us. Instead of investing time in physical activities kids these days choose to live in their virtual world of games and social mediums. If we had to list the biggest problems that the world is facing today, social media addiction would top the list. This blooming and solid relationship that we have with technology is nothing but the carrier of bad news and these illustrations define it perfectly.

1. Feed your pride


But how long will you do it for?

2. Insta story time


Here comes the lord.

3. Weirdo on the Subway

Jean Jullien

This is what society has become.

4. Modern family

Jean Jullien

How life is led today.

5. On the twitter drip


Why do we need it?

6. Can't get enough of you, social media.


We cannot even call this 'pure' lust.

7. Brainwash

Joey Klarenbeek

And we can do nothing about it.

8. Hungry for likes

Jean Jullien

Is this what it was like before Instagram?

9. Deep roots


They have seeped in way too deep.

10. Fishing for followers

Pawel Kuczynski

We give in too easily!

11. Modern drug addiction

Asaf Hanuka

I'm addicted to you.

12. No Privacy

Asaf Hanuka

If you love flaunting your life on social media, forget about keeping secrets.

13. R.I.P Literature


No one values you anymore.

14. Let's watch some random shit


Why do we enjoy this so much?

15. Fine dining be like...

Jean Jullien

What's trending?

16. Flaunt your tan


Do you see what's happening here?

17. Happy Valentine's day

Jean Jullien

For the sake of the day.

18. The island of isolation

Pawel Kuczynski

The creator of a lonesome world.

19. Gossip travels fast

Pawel Kuczynski

And Twitter helps to let the word out.

20. Secret Confessions

Pawel Kuczynski

It's all out in the open now!

21. Prisoner of our addiction

Latif Fityani

Are you okay with this?

22. Zombie technology


This is our kind.

23. Where is my freedom?

Pawel Kuczynski

It's virtual too.

24. Pyramid of owners


They control the leash around our neck.

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