20+ Societal Tags That Are Just So Vicious, It Hurts Like A Broken Hip!

20+ Societal Tags That Are Just So Vicious, It Hurts Like A Broken Hip!

Teo Zirinis illustrates the lives of secrecy that inanimate objects lead when no one is watching them. And, it's way too cute!

Have you ever felt that inanimate objects including food items talk behind your back? What if they come to life when no one's noticing? As scary as it may sound it isn't that way in the world of Teo Zirinis. This artist creates illustrations that reveal the hilarious conversation these vegetables and fruits have amongst them. Let's take you on a pun-filled journey which won't allow you to keep a straight face.

1. Sleepless nights


That's the job right?

2. Societal standards


We are not the only ones!

3. Bad rating day!


He does have one star!

4. It's a crime scene!


Save yourself!

5. Message received!


Look at them preaching about traffic security!

6. That's the wrong dip!


Oopsie daisy!

7. I'm in denial


Do you ever accept it?

8. Lightweight chocolate


Liquor chocolates are the best.

9. The A team!


You've got backup!

10. How's it hanging?


Feel the rhythm!

11. Shunned by everyone


We need to love them!

12. Sketchy behavior


This is serious!

13. Hello, Vera?


Who's on the other side?

14. May he rest in 'piece'


This is damn funny!

15. No one will know!


Let's do it quickly!

16. Uno!


This is one competitive card game.

17. Get dressed!


That's a bland salad.

18. Death wish!


Why would he want to die?

19. Excuse me!


Does this look fun to you?

20. How do I look?


Not that great!

21. Fortune teller


He knows it all.

22. Quite literally



23. Sad story!


We see what they're trying to say.

24. Afterlife


It gets better.

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