“The City” after Mankind had Dissapeared

These photos began their lives as complex dioramas sculpted out of foam board, paint, plaster and wood.

Miniature artist Lori Nix have been built in great detail from scratch, the dioramas reflect their previous inhabitants’ daily lives.

Anatomi Class

Lori Nix began “The City” series after moving to New York in 1999. Surrounded by great architecture, skyscrapers, and bridges, the urban landscape couldn’t help but find its way into her work. Still a fan of dystopian entertainment, think Blade Runner, Alien, The Hunger Games, etc, her current series is a mashup of her new urban life and a look towards an apocalyptic future.
“The City” imagines what New York City and Brooklyn would look like if suddenly mankind had disappeared. The exact cause for the desertion is left vague. Was it a natural disaster, a virus, global warming, war? A few images hint at the destructive history of the space – a library dome crushed by a tornado or a subway car filled with sand. To me, imagining something soglobally catastrophic is both chilling and exciting. I often wonder about my own survival instinctswhen pondering an emptying city.(www.lorinix.net)


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