The Coolest Hotels in the World

What makes your travel worthwhile and unforgettable can be because of the beautiful place you visit, the exotic food you eat, the friendly and warm people you see or the hotel you stay in. And what makes the hotel become so worth staying and leave unforgettable experience is surely due to its comfort, facilities, warmth and uniqueness. Check out how these hotels are unique in their traits.

During your travel to some beautiful or exotic location, you can consider making your hotel a travel-worthy destination. Hotels around the world provide guests with all their wonderful facilities and their pluses that attract more guests to come or repeat their visit due to their capacity in offering unforgettable experience.
A lot of different ways that make a hotel unique can be the reason why we need to come back to the same hotel, may be because of their food, room design, activities they show, but the location is also may be the important key. In others, the architecture of the hotel itself is an attraction.
Have you ever been to an amazing floating hotel or to a luxurious hotel built in an airliner or on modern cruise ships? If not, well you should plan on going to try staying in some of them.