The Daily Life of Gods Surrounding Us

Have you ever thought how would those people from classical paintings look if they suddenly started living amongst us? No? We neither! But now we don’t have to because it was already done by Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov who used Photoshop to bring some of them into modern-day world, you can see the figures created by different authors many years ago using public transport, sitting at bars, napping in public places, eating at local lunch joints, or selling flowers. These new settings show them in a completely different color so scroll down to witness it for yourself!

These are the unlikely creations of Kiev-based artist Alexey Kondakov in his ongoing series The Daily Life of Gods, making modern interpretations of classical subjects. Typically only encountered in museums and books, they now somehow serve as lessons in art history to us mere mortals, even though taken out of their original context. Manipulating scenes from classical paintings to create the desired effect, Kondakov appropriates the artworks of other artists he finds online and combines them with photos he takes with his Google Nexus 5 mobile phone to create a unique kind of digital collage. Celestial or historic figures may be placed in car parks, on public transport or in decaying backyards, yet they somehow look as if they belonged there, whether in moments of celebration, exuberance or despair wearing forlorn expressions that match rundown bus seats or drab underpasses.
It’s a way for Kondakov to have fun, while keeping a certain distance from the legacy of fine arts. He recalls, “When I was little, I was bored when I went to museums with my parents. Now, this has ceased to be boring at all.” One day, he decided to invite these ethereal beings from ancient times into our mundane existences and imagined they were on the streets of Kiev today. He describes his sources of inspiration, “I’ve always liked high-level academic art, so I immediately fell in love with Bouguereau’s art. But I can be inspired by anything: seeing something on the street, a photo, someone’s good work. I try to depict anything that is close to me or that I understand. If you don’t know anything about a topic, you have to learn. So that’s the way I do everything, in my work or in my art.”
Source: Bored Panda, Forbes, Instagram

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