The Essence of Mountains is Now in Paint Strokes

Conrad Godly is trying to gain the primary focus in these magnificent mountains. He seems to have extensively studied the natural formations. With that he chooses to portray them in changing light and shapes in his work.


Godly uses swift paint strokes and doubled with thick paints dripping down and sometimes off of the canvas to show his eminent force of each higher peak.


There has been a review on his work that said, “Godly shovels entire loads of paint onto the canvas and then layers them, rolls them, pushes them together, and combines them. The very thick application never dries completely inside, but always remains somewhat liquid, no different from the magma in the innermost part of the Earth; an idea that Godly likes.”


In a way, Godly’s work can be regarded as abstract since he never depicts a sole, meticulous mountain. His piece is created out of a compilation of memories, photographs, and experiences that will show on the canvas via his powerful strokes. Lively bends and robust shades add to the power that originates from every regular formula.