Extraordinary An Angel Knife Sculpture Spent 2 Years Built and 100,000 Knives

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Extraordinary An Angel Knife Sculpture Spent 2 Years Built and 100,000 Knives

Giant Knife An Angel Sculpture

Speaking of works of art, especially sculptures, you certainly can easily find it in various parts of the world. Just look at the United States with its sculpture of Liberty or for example in Brazil you can also find a giant sculpture of the Christ the Redeemer sculpture that stands majestically in Rio de Janeiro.

The statues do not only have an attraction for tourists visiting the country. However, the Christ the Redeemer sculptures also have a meaning or to describe the history that happened in the past. Besides in the US and Brazil, in England you can also find a giant Christ the Redeemer sculpture and no less interesting. The difference is, this Christ the Redeemer sculpture is made of hundreds of thousands of blades that are shaped in such a way.

Reported by various sources, the sculpture called the Knife Angel is made to commemorate victims who fell due to criminal acts by using a knife as a weapon. The 26-foot or 8-meter statue at the Cathedral in Coventry, England, was made by an artist named Alfie Radley.

The initial idea of ​​making this sculpture is, Bradley wants to give awareness to the public about how high the level of stabbing in England.

More info and sources :  British Ironwork Centre  (h/t:  demilked I mymodernmet )

This 26-foot-tall knife an angel sculpture is actually a monument

And it’s built entirely out of 100,000 donated knives

The main ingredient in the making of Knife Angel, consisting of 100,000 confiscated knives, was collected from 43 police stations throughout the UK. But calm down, this knife is harmless and terrible. Because, Radley has cleaned the scars that stick to the knife and make the blades blunt.

The angel’s creator, Alfie Radley, has spent two years designing and building the sculpture

The process of making this statue took about two years. All parts of the statue are made of knives except for the hands and face. The knives are sorted by size and color until they are shaped like angels.

The statue, which was completed around 2017, has also been displayed in several cities in England such as Liverpool and Hull before arriving in Coventry.

“The hardest part of creating the Knife Angel was meeting and hand engraving personal messages on each feather on the back of the angel’s wings from affected people and families, and seeing them become overwhelmed with emotion once seeing the angel,” Bradley tells My Modern Met.

For the victims fallen to the increasing knife violence in the United Kingdom

The rest came thanks to the help of  British Ironwork Centre  in Shropshire, which initiated an amnesty program “Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife,” through which people could anonymously donate their knives to the project.

Besides cleaning every knife of ‘biological material,’ Alfie also “had to blunt every single knife to make sure they’re not sharp anymore, and can’t create any damage,” Bradley told ITV News.

Some of which have actually been used in the crimes

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