The First Kinetic Steampunk Bar In The World, Is From Romania

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The First Kinetic Steampunk Bar In The World, Is From Romania

A giant moving clock which gives the impression that you are actually inside it, dozens of finely designed steampunk details, rotating wheels, metallic flowers opening up on the ceiling, a live moving bird and even a robot which definitely takes you back to Giger’s own characters, these are the core attractions of the Romanian pub. And it is indeed quite a wonder of design.

The works took almost two years to come to life, but the efforts are well worthwhile, offering an unparalleled experience for having your regular cup of coffee at a bar.

The first kinetic steampunk pub opens in Romania.

Enigma Café from Cluj-Napoca is literally making history with its kinetic sculptures, having sparked quite a share craze online after first appearing on the Facebook page belonging to The 6th Sense Interiors, the company which created the entire design of the location.

This Enigma Cafe is located at Cluj-Napoca, Iuliu Maniu 12, Romania. The interiors were decorated by The 6th Sense Interior Studio in general, and Alexandru Tohotan and Zoltan Zelenyak in particular.

So what do you say? Will you take a leap in time and visit the brand new Enigma Café in Cluj-Napoca, Iuliu Maniu12? I know we would!

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