The First World Hotel with a Rainforest

Hilton Worldwide is going to run the Rosemont Five Star Hotel & Residences which will be in operation in Dubai in 2018. What makes this building so special is that it is going to be the world’s first hotel with a man-made rainforest in it. Check out how the forest should beautify the building when the time comes.

It seems that Dubai is the only middle-east country which never stops to amaze the world. It has almost everything about modern architectures, for example; it has modern indoor ski slopes, massive artificial island, the world’s tallest building and many more, you name it. And now, it is going to launch its first residence with rainforest setting inside.

Another stunning part of the hotel is that it features trees that spray mist, a stunning sky pool and even an artificial beach. As the hotel begins its operation, there is no doubt that it will soon make everyone who is there drop their jaws.

Actually there is nothing new about its usual five-star luxuries offered by the hotel such as fine dining restaurants, luxury meeting rooms, cinema on the top floor, sky lobby, Trampoline Park, bowling alley, health club, a spa and many more. The hotel will be of two separate towers rising up to 47 floors which was reported to cost $300 million for its construction.