The Great Achievement Treatment for Wasted Newspaper

Newspaper is a just waste for many people, but in great artist, wasted material not just to be art work but another level inside philosophy perspective. Chie Hitotsuyama, have a golden hands, she can create art from newspaper

not just common artwork, we can saw her detailed and effort for make sharp and cutting edge art work came from newspaper.To create each creature, Hitotsuyama skillfully binds rolled and twisted pieces of wet newspaper to each other. By varying the thickness and contours of the paper, she is able to precisely produce any figure she desires—from an animated little monkey to a resting rhinoceros. She even utilizes the colored print on newspapers to create impressive gradations. The process is completed entirely by hand, and requires a tremendous amount of paper prowess.
“When a piece of paper is rolled up, it increases its strength, and by gluing together one by one and side by side I can carefully form contours and curves with each single string. These single strings, collected together, consequently become the surface of an object. And eventually, a shape or a form of an object appears”.

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