The Most Elegant and Stately Carpet Ever

You know how many flowers needed to make a flower carpet measuring 1,800 sqm?

Earlier this August, a carpet of fresh flowers adorned the cobble at Grand Place, the central square in Brussels, Belgium. Measuring 1,800 sqm, 75 m long; 24 m wide, where begonias are carefully interspersed with dahlias, grasses, and bark, with each square meter containing about 300 blooms. Here the splendid blooms showcase an exquisite embroidered artwork of Japanese-life themes, showing up from a separation like a radiantly energetic woven rug.


Such piece is a bi-annual tradition, dating back in 1971 and has always taken place at the Grand Place since 1986. Belgian nonprofit Tapis de Fleur assembled a group of professional artists including illustrators, graphic designers, and landscape architects to set a large-scale floral design around a different theme. That will take place every other year on August 15th. The team has figured the number of blooms and the color palate needed, and long before the event they then would reserve the stems.


Before final completion of the installation, the blueprint will be marked on sheets of plastic overlaid on the ground for about four hours, helped by about one hundred volunteers. They would pack about 600,000 flowers into the expansive artwork several days before installation.


This year’s design was planned to celebrate 150 years of Belgo-Japanese friendship, to commemorate the original Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation that the two countries signed in August 1866.