The Sad And Actual Representation Of Some Of The Biggest Brands In The World Will Make You Think Harder!

The Sad And Actual Representation Of Some Of The Biggest Brands In The World Will Make You Think Harder!

These brands are renowned and are looked up by the people all over the world. However, what goes behind the scenes will literally shock you!

This world has become a materialistic world, where things are no longer about natural and organic elements but have become solely about money, benefit, business, and success. Marketing and advertising industries have gone to an extreme level to sell their product to us, even if it takes lying about their product's authenticity, quality, and essence. Many of us are not aware of how corporations deceive us through their marketing and advertising schemes. Here are some pictures that show the reality of some of the famous brands that come under unethical corporations, and how misleading their way of promoting their brand is.  

1. Kellogg's Cereals



The fact that Kellogg's spent millions of dollars to show it to the world that GMO food is not labeled in their products, even though they are, the company also uses fructose corn syrup which is responsible to a number of diseases and health problems. This company has been through a lot of controversies ever since it was found out that the brand in 2010 and 2012 use potentially harmful ingredients, one of them being potentially carcinogenic.



Apart from their deceptive advertising practices and spreading racist propaganda about 'white privilege' one of the most disturbing scandals the company got into was in 2016 when Amnesty International found Kellogg's palm oil provider Wilmer International were engaging 8 to 14-years-old children for slave labor and also indulged in human trafficking.

These two images are the best way to describe what they mean, while they claim something entirely different and untrue.

2.  McDonald's



Who doesn't know how dangerously unhealthy McDonald's is? Morgan Spurlock decided to live on fast food giant for one month in 2004, just to see whether McDonald's is really that bad as people are claiming to be or not. Within 30 days, the 32-year-old Morgan gained 24 1/2 pounds and his cholesterol levels reached dangerous levels along with fatty accumulation in his liver. Not just that, he also experienced depression, mood swings, low energy, intense heart palpitations and signs of becoming addicted to the food and even sexual dysfunction.

McDonald's has been caught serving expired meat, “spreading low wages, abusive conditions, and union-busting,” and “wage theft, poverty-level pay, and mistreatment of pregnant workers“ all over the world. They also used to source their meat from multiple companies that abuse and torture animals. So, if at all McDonald's had to give a real and true presentation of a clown- the obese and deranged clown right here would fit better.

3.  KFC



KFC is famous for its unethical treatment of innocent animals, especially chicken. The way they treat the animals before killing them will make anyone cringe the most. KFC, which s owned by parent company Yum! Brands- another unhealthy fast food chain that runs Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and WingStreet, these brands produce a massive number of unhealthy food. 

According to the World Health Organization, these giant food brands' food is linked to cancer. Therefore, the picture above is the best representation of the murder and suffering that goes behind the scenes of those "yummy and delicious" dishes. 

4. Nestle



The famous chocolate brand is another giant company corporation that is famous for human rights abuses and other unethical practices. Back in the 1970s, Nestle started promoting and marketing a new baby formula that claimed that their product was scientifically proved to be just as good as mother's breast milk. The company targetted the poor first, and also distributed free samples of their 'milk' to hospitals. This resulted in the malnutrition of many babies and even some deaths. Not just that, Nestle was involved in other controversies and scandals that made it harder for people to put faith in it. Apart from mixing and adding synthetics to the chocolates, in 2005, a major lawsuit was filed against Nestle for using child slave labor in Africa, that is believed to have continued till today. 

5. Apple



The very famous gadget brand that is looked up as one of the best brands for electronic gadget also made it to the notorious list. In 2006, it was reported that the work conditions were so bad that it could be called human right abuses. The company used to make workers put in shifts of 12 hours a day and for some 15 hours, and paid  £27 – £54 a month. The workers were also forced to live on site and pay for their own food. The key corporation employed by  Apple is Foxconn, a Chinese multinational electronics company which is famous for its abuse of workers, that also includes physical abuse BTW, along with child labor and has been referred to as both 'sweatshop' and 'labor camp'.  The company's brutality came under the light when in 2012 a dozen of their workers committed suicide by jumping from the building due to harsh working conditions. 

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